Andela Boot-camp end of day 2

I finally made it to boot-camp. I do not know about tomorrow, but what I know for sure is I was given a good chance and two awesome days.

Monday was our first day in the boot camp. My journey to Andela was accompanied by a thousand if,else if and else loops running in my head. “What if everyone else qualified because they were all geniuses? how do i compete with such people?” , such questions haunted my mind as I walked towards Hogwarts, the class assigned to boot-campers training. This all became worse when I find out my probability of joining Andela. 50 boot-campers who are all smart focused and willing to break fingers for their codes is what I was up against. Just to make it sound worse, this meant I had a probability of less than a fifth of making it to Andela. Scary right!?

Field warm up was our first activity at Andela. This is where Andela's love story begins. So I expected to play games and have fun with 50 strange geniuses!!! It was always going to be hard even for the most extroverted being alive. I survived. So we get back to class, and suddenly our supposedly 2 weeks boot-camp might not actually be 2 weeks for me anymore. An elimination process was in place to reduce boot-campers since we were too many. The first bunch were meant to be eliminated after day 2 at Andela. That is how much surprises I had had before lunch time on my first day at Andela. This thought used a recursion function on my mind that reached its base case occasionally when we had an activity that really distracted my mind.As soon as I got back to reality the ‘bugs’ began running in my mind again. I guess you really want to know what gave my mind cushioning? . Simple: ‘Programmers’ is the answer.

At no point did I expect to have any attachments or relationships with anyone for the two weeks I had anticipated. Here is where it all gets weird. Its barely three days and I feel like I have already made best friends at the boot-camp . I have met people who are really funny, smart,encouraging and have all kind of positive characters you’d think about. My fellow boot-campers were so encouraging and positive that it became a natural trait for those of us who were eaten by the fear of being kicked out.

Meet Whitney . Her kind is those of rare species who would force a smile out of your face. I bet you are already smiling as you read this. Yes, this girl who infects happiness, likes eating ,loves art and always has a smile below her pair of glasses, who wouldn’t count such a friend as a blessing? Then there is Steve. This is one of those guys who code all those hard codes like he’s done it since birth. With his slender body and deep commanding voice, he is out to help anyone with any thing in his capability. To top it all he already has suggestions that can make us boot-campers better programmers regardless of whether we become Andelants or not.

So whose next on the list? My group. By day two we are more of friends than a group. In charge of our group is Kevin Ndegwa,a Liverpool fan and an Andella fellow. He practically laughed at me before 10 minutes of our first encounter after realizing I was an Arsenal fan. Arsenal had just been given a good whooping by Liverpool, 4–3 . I know!!! What were the odds of making friends like that? I bet all instances would return this case as ‘False’. Kevin really made it easier each second of the first two days, Just like all other Andelants, he was full of encouragement and ready to sacrifice his time to teach us anything.

Then came F.I.F.A. So I manged to beat one of the best F.I.F.A players around, or so he says. I was just about to leave Andela for home when Japheth invited me for a match-session on a play-station 4 console. From the moment I had the gaming controller on my hand to the last whistle of the football match was pure bliss. I took home with me more knowledge on behavior and a match win against one of the best gamers around. Amazing, yes? And I am just two days in.

Then there is the administration team. Those that brought bad news and ended up making it sound more encouraging than discouraging. Even a blind person would be able to see their passion for Andela and it’s future. Here I got to meet Harriet,part of the recruitment team. Harriet really gave us good stories on how her journey to becoming part of Andela was and really encouraged us quite a lot. She plays Basket ball! Yes, I was shocked as well. How many times in a decade do you come across a woman who does both coding and basketball? Once!

So by end of day two and there are all this awesome people around. I can’t wait to put my next blog about how much I will have learnt by the end of two weeks, God willing.

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