On trees, moss, and feeling at a distance

Art by Maya Erdelyi

Recently, on a plane, I remembered the moment when the plane began to descend beneath the clouds. One moment, I could see the brightly lit and expanding city unfolding out below me, a brilliant landscape of lights and systemized movement. Then the plane began to dip below the clouds, and in that stretched-out moment of time, it felt as if everything slowed down and expanded around me, crushing me with the expanded density, the suffocating largeness of it all, the claustrophobic realization of space and height and my place on that plane, with all the other people sitting in their…

Janice Lee

Author of Damnation, Reconsolidation, The Sky Isn't Blue. Executive Editor of Entropy. Co-Publisher Civil Coping Mechanisms (The Accomplices) http://janicel.com

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