Grampy, God obviously does not exist.
Stephen Kahn

Bicycle rides, Rattlesnakes & the Universe

Sorry about almost losing a leg. I avoided that by not being involved in athletics. I was however a very good distance bicyclist. I rode 405 miles in 5 days which included 3 century rides (100 miles a day) 3 days in a row with a heat index of 103+, very hilly terrain, a cloudless sky and a 20 mph headwind everyday.

During my ride I contemplated many things. Would I end up like the roadkill I just rode by? If I accidentally hit the rattle snake stretched across the road in the early morning sun while jumping my bike over it, could it possibly bite me? And the question everyone considers on a bike trip in these conditions, “If the universe had zero information before it was 10–34 (10 to the minus 34th) second old, how did it acquire its subsequent high information state without the input of an intelligent, Creator?”

It is the question that plagues astronomers and physicists who have a pretty good understanding of the development of the universe after that time.

Everything above is true, except I know rattlesnakes at that time of the day in an uncoiled position could not move fast enough to bite a cyclist going 12 to 50 (at the bottom of a steep hill)mph.

Although this is not relevant to my story, like most of what I wrote, a degenerative condition with no known treatment is destroying my neurological system. No, it hasn’t affected my brain! I lost that somewhere a long time ago. Yet, I continue to write and have an endless list of things I am going to do. Hope has a source.

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