Let’s Talk About Medium Series

Considering using the Medium “series”

I have a continuing series on having an autoimmune condition. It is in a “timeline” type format, but each segment is not only what I am feeling and the loss of my health, but is a “jumping off” point to talk about the losses and issues I had and have along the way, IE: having to fire doctors, “But, you look just fine” comments, understanding what your body is saying , your slowly shrinking universe, “Duh, look at all the symptoms” and a variety of other things. I have a number of segments almost ready to post. Others will be added over time.

This is interspersed with my humor and can be a fun read, but it has useful information for people who may be experiencing similar conditions or have family members who are. The segments are intended to give people something to relate to. So, I need the series to allow people to:

know when I post a new segment

comment on the segments just like a regular story

be able to provide feedback that is usable to me.

see what others post and respond.

So, I see it as similar to a story, but the story will grow over time. This series could be just how ever many short chapters I write, but the comments and conversations that go with a normal story would make the final product much more useful to people reading it. The idea is to have it enriched by the thoughts of others. Yes, there may be the trite, useless comments, but they will be “jumped on” by other readers. So, this is what I am looking for.

I’d like to know if the series format the Medium has now would work for this type of series. If not, this is my input on what I am looking for. If I could create categories on my story page with an overview under the category, that would work. I am not good at reading help files, manuals or instructions, so that ability may exist already.

Just don’t use the term “It could be worse!” in describing the series format!! Thanks

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