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Description of a Sexually Abusive Person

You just described a sexually abusive person. One manipulates another person by any means to sexually satisfy themselves, even if it means physically and emotionally hurting the other person. This guy does not need help finding a date to “accommodate” him, he needs help with his abuse.

Sex is supposed to be between people who care for each other having an intimate physical relationship where the goal of each person is to give pleasure to their partner. Anything that is not consensual or physically and/or emotionally hurts the other person is abuse.

I am sorry he hurt you and apparently others also. You are not to blame. Abusers are good at manipulation. Even though he may be nice (on the surface) friendly and handsome, when his pants drop, he becomes a self centered sexually abusive person. Any person who “expects” the other to “deliver” after going out with them has a problem. It is a mutual decision. Plus, at any time either person should respect a “stop” or “no” from the other or recognize when the other is obviously not approving.

Note: You may want to remove the picture of this guy from your post.

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