FOX News issues order for all female employees — now forced to wear fake beards, mustaches, as new…
Steven Rouach

FOX Women Create Fear in Males

Steve, I tried giving the article 3 hearts, but I could only give it one.

So, instead of wings, I am donating the extra 2 to the women of Fox as double packs (2 in each since angels have 2 wings) of the popular “Cigar Cutter” novelty gifts. Wrapped in condom appearing style, these look like real cigar cutters. Printed on the outside is “FOX Adult Novelties” in big letters above their upward pointing arrow logo. “Surprise Inside” is in a red text that cuts the arrow in two. Below the arrow “for personal entertainment only” and in a box at the bottom “ Warning: See liabilty disclaimer on back.”

Of course, these are novelty toys and cause no harm. Their effectiveness is in the “perceived intent” of a female employee smiling and waving one in front of an offender while saying “only if you allow me to use this!”

Studies show, at this point, the product causes an immediate “down arrow” trend, statistically significant emasculating and immediate ego deflating effects in the offender. The studies also point out the potential impact on the offender in the following statement. “Warning: Repeated use of this technique may cause offenders to choose to become eunuchs. It may or may not seem like a warning to most women who need to use the product.

I think MarieG , since she cannot give extra angel wings, should be able to donate at least 10 more packs of these to the women at Fox, after she stops laughing.

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