Patient Zero Identified

On November 9, 2016, An outbreak of a virulent strain of the Bizarre Mind Ideation (BMI) Virus was reported by the CDC-p. It was lost in the barrage of election stories — until now.

Press Release: Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 11:00 AM ET

Bizarre Mind Ideation -(BMI) Virus

An outbreak of a virulent strain of the Bizarre Mind Ideation (BMI) Virus has been reported by CDC-p.

The virus which can be serious and sometimes fatal, is often undetected in the early stages. This new strain was identified in the United States in 2014 after infections similar to the original BMI virus were reported starting in 2010. After a massive outbreak on Nov 7th, the number of cases has reached epidemic proportions .

As of today, almost 60 million cases have been reported. The stage progression is:

  • Stage 1. An overall red tone to exposed areas of skin and veins. Veins lose their blue color.
  • Stage 2. The person exhibits minor lapses in judgment and accepts most information as fact.
  • Stage 3. They become belligerent and highly defensive of what they say or do.
  • Stage 4. The infected person appears completely red and is constantly irritated with what others think or believe and uses social media to defend themselves and attack others.
  • Stage 5. A person repeats whatever they see or hear. Numbers are exaggerated and become a fixation. Delusions of grandeur soon follow. There is little hope of recovery.

If detected early, treatment outside of “red states” has been effective. Studies indicate being engaged in equal rights activities, the use of cannabis or excessive Public TV viewing may reduce symptoms.

Emerging threats like the Bizarre Mind Ideation Virus highlight the need for investments in Public Health and Obamacare to empower CDC-p to rapidly detect, investigate and save lives.


Today, in a press release, the CDC-p identified Patient Zero.

Press Release: Monday, February 21, 2017, 2:00 PM ET

Patient Zero Identified — (BMI) Virus

Director Todd Lee Friedum M.D. confirmed that CDC-p researchers working to find the source of the new virulent strain of the Bizarre Mind Ideation Virus (BMI-v) have identified Patient Zero.

To protect his identity, Patient Zero is being identified as Donald T. of New York City. The process, which some say could have taken years, took less than 100 days. Three key pieces of information attributed to this quick identification.

“The first key piece” stated Whyne Chiller, M.D. and chief of the BMI unit “focused on a person or persons involved in the election, since the odds of the co-occurrence of a massive outbreak of the virus on Nov 7th, 2016 and election day is 1 in 1.2 billion.”

Chiller attributed their second key piece to their latest data mapping program. “Since the number of cases of the new strain of BMI first reported in the US were in the single digits, not hundreds, we ruled out passengers on a commercial flight. Patient Zero had to have traveled in a private aircraft. Vladimir P, a close friend and confidant of “The Don” as he called Donald T., confirmed his multiple trips to Russia in his big American plane to jointly work on a humanitarian project. The trips matched the time-frame of the first US reports.

The third key piece of information came when Donald T. told CDC-p investigators he lived on the 86th floor of Trump Towers, which he owned, in New York City. Upon their arrival, the inspectors noticed the elevators only went to 68 and had gaps in the numbers so the top floor was actually 51. This fit the profile of a Stage 5 “number fixation” infection.

Arriving on the 68th floor wearing full Hazmat suits, the inspectors were greeted by Donald T’s 3rd wife Melania who shouted down the hall, “Donny, I think they have finally come for you”. Donald stepped out of his office, old cartoons playing loudly in the background and said “I’m busy with a hostile takeover, but I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” The inspectors took the opportunity to ask Donald about his family. Donald stated he has 3 sons Donald, Eric and Barron and 2 daughters, Ivanka and another whose name he could not recall. Abruptly, he muttered “I needs me spinach” and disappeared into his office. The Inspectors knew they had found their “Zero”.

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Allen Ishac is correct about Trump’s Ubiquitous Black Overcoat but its significance can now be directly linked to the BMI Virus and CDC-p finding it’s “Zero”.

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