Hi Sam,
Allan Ishac

Payments for Using Degrading Terms

Hi Al! I am back after having my chronic condition on the winning side for almost a week. I think I have subdued the thing - for a few days at least.

That was a cover to remind you we are not supposed to tell people, especially those who have been Assimulated by the Assinator, of the payments we receive for using satire, degrading terms and ridiculous information (if it is possible to be more ridiculous than the true information) for the Trumpmeister and his Trumpettes. I do get paid less for creating and using new words, but the bonus payment for having them used in other articles or becoming standard descriptors make it worthwhile.

Plus, I hope you didn’t tell perpeturude proassinators the large payments are paid by the brother puppeteers, Chucky and David K. They believe these words and terms increase Trumpy Dumpy’s anger above his normal gutteral and angry despotition (a despot’s disposition) which keeps the Trumpmeister motivated and tethered to his strings. Of course, our creative use causes Trumpy Dumpy to become unstrung with the hope that all the Assinator’s asses (horses) and all the Assinator’s Trumpettes cannot put Trumpy Dumpy back together again!

Our pay may not be substantial, Sam, but both Al and I are members of SABOTAGE (Satirical Activists in Bewildering onslaughts on Trump’s Administration for Gratuitous Entertainment). Weekly brainstorming sessions (Hawaii Satirical Estates this weekend since work on our Belize island center is not complete) devise unified tactics for the following week. Sorry Sam, proassinators are not invited.

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