Meeting Between Merkel And Urkel Could Result In Historic Late Night Monologues
Allan Ishac

Shame on you Al! I am going to write an apology to Urkel. Of course the character, Urkle, was an absolute idiot, had not sense of social interactions, was totally self centered, made annoying noises, wore ill fitting clothes, totally alienated every person he came into contact with, was an expert on every subject, thought everyone loved him and had the facts to prove it. Yes, He was the epitome of a jerk. I hated his character.

Urkle is offensive, disgusting, has a terrible sense of humor, an ego the size of China, and couldn’t tell you what is fact or fiction. He is gullible, creates horrible lies about the people around him and turns the simplest situations into a world wide crisis. Just a plain, disgusting, hateful liar. He was,. . . Um,. . . just a minute. . . . Who was I describing here?

Oh, ignore what I wrote above. Good job, Al! But, Trump does (supposedly) have much more money that the character Urkle did.

Hmmm. . . never thought I’d be thinking of Urkle as “a pretty likeable person”!

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