Life is Full of OK’s and Alright’s

Something Amazing About Our Minds!

I agree, most things or people that inspire others, “ blow their minds (away I think?)” and change their lives forever leave me feeling the same as you. Being very smart (just a fact) moves a person’s perspective to a different place. You said “ Either I’m hard to please, everyone else is too easy to please, or nothing is that great.” I agree with you. Which of the three choices do I agree with; all of them. But, I am not struggling to find that person or experience that is life changing. (Oh no! This is where he starts preaching about faith. No, it is not, and No, I do not preach! I have a if “you don’t ask, I won’t tell” in that area.)

I worked nights in the summer to go to college and fell asleep in the classes during the day when I returned. It was an odd investment. I attended a college where the dropouts transferred to a state university and graduated at the top of their class. I mention that to put “boring” in perspective.

I was offered a position to produce and direct a children’s TV show when I graduated (eventually became a profitable, long running show) and had to turn it down because I had no family support and the generous offer of the shows creator to share her bedroom in an 2 bedroom apartment with her 2 roommates in exchange for making meals, cleaning and laundry (I was the best cook and housekeeper in the bunch) would have been OK with me, but my wife didn’t like the arrangement of her living with her family and my living with 3 women who were excited about the arrangement. I was always “one of the girls” anyway.

That is just a bit of my perspective on how the excitement of creating a TV show made the sharing of an apartment with 3 women a nonissue.

You are probably similar to me since to “follow me” on The Medium places you into one of these categories: 1. Curious- read something that was different or unique and wanted to “check it out”. 2. Smart - saw more than the surface story. 3.Crazy -if the other 2 reasons don’t apply. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Normal is highly overrated.

The one thing that fascinated me and continues to amaze me is the human mind. Our minds are great, they store everything we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. I realized a long time ago that we are part of a society who keeps pouring things into their mind. We are almost required to have constant input. TV, music, all kinds of mediocre repeated material. We keep adding and don’t allow our mind to stop and process the information. The one thing our mind doesn’t have is a permanent “file delete” button. We are good on temporary storage, but even that gets saved somewhere.

What amazed me in people who I consider as great thinkers, creative, innovative and artistic people is one thing. They all let their minds process what they knew. It may have been in a secluded cabin, a quiet room or outdoors. They could sit and look at notes they wrote on chalkboards and notepaper. At times, they would get up, change something, move things around and go and sit again. The moving things around may have been just to see it differently or because it needed to be done to help their mind process it.

During college, I would take a long weekend break right before finals week. I took nothing related to my courses. I could go to a spot on Lake Michigan, a wooded area by a river or anywhere I could relax without interruption. It was calming and allowed my mind to process what I had learned. I spent much of the time alone. Other times, I would play Frisbee. I was a Frisbee guru.

I returned calm and relaxed on the first morning of my first final. My bleary eyed sleep deprived friends who had been “cramming” while I was gone were amazed when I finished the final and left 30 minutes before they did. Was I smarter than the rest? No. I let my mind do the work it is made to do.

I showed my friends how our minds work using 2 identical puzzles. The night before, I would empty the pieces of mine out on a large table and only turn the pieces face up. An observer would watch and cover the pieces till the next morning when the observer allowed my friend to do the same thing in approximately the same amount of time. When his puzzle was ready. I came into the room, uncovered my puzzle and both start putting them together. The observer kept time. When we took breaks, time was stopped and started when we returned.

Every time, I put together more pieces in the first 10 minutes and completed the puzzle in much less time than the person who started in the morning. My mind had a picture of the pieces and was working on the puzzle while I slept. I was often amazed when I automatically reached for a piece before I saw where it was. This always amazed me

My wife gets frustrated when I look at a word find she is doing, go and do something else, come back in 20 minutes and point out 5 or 6 words she needed to find. No matter how much it bothers her, when she cannot find a word, she will ask me if I see it. If I looked at the puzzle before, I will walk over and pick out the word almost immediately.

I do the same with my writing (not this stuff)or when I was doing videos. I will have a few thoughts, write them down on a bunch of post it notes and leave them stuck to my desk. I can move them around if I need to. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking (my fingers give out keyboarding) to do the same thing. When I come back to my notes, I will type up a chapter or several pages of a book. The pages may be for different chapters, but they are usually linked in some way.

I haven’t published anything exciting, life changing or eye opening yet. I’ve had things published and distributed nationally or around the world, but those were while I was working for a place or were multimedia presentations or TV shows that no longer exist.

Now that I am retired, due to an autoimmune disease, I have written more creative stuff. I wrote a book for each of my 3 granddaughters and many poems to share with them.

I am in the midst of a semi historical science fiction novel that extends from the 1930’s to today. It incorporates a practical plausible perspective on the time/space continuum that I have (my mind has) been working through for years. Other themes and a variety of stories are woven together to create interest and continuity. The key characters are people who see things from a different perspective. They would be bored with most things. The main characters hires “ordinary” people with the qualities he sees are needed to fit in and become a key part of his group.

Although my medical condition has side effect that do not correlate positively to longevity, I am still deciding what I will do when I grow up. Actually, I decided I won’t grow up. That throws everyone off.

Now that I am not dumping it full of “stuff” my mind has given me a lot of insight. I wake up remembering in detail things I thought were forgotten. I was thinking about the Fibonacci sequence and fractals one morning. I had to look up the Fibonacci sequence just to make sure it wasn’t something my mind made up. I must have remembered it from somewhere.

So, my conclusions are: 1. If you weren’t bored after the first paragraph, you probably are now. 2. I either sparked some interest or you will no longer be “following” me. 3. You have something new to do with “ three primary colors.”

Yes, “ Alone they aren’t exciting, but combined they can create something amazing.” You already have the information it needs. For details, you can respond like Einstein when asked for his phone number. “I don’t need to know that, You can look it up in the phone book.”