Hahaha, Grampy Pelishek I almost highlighted your entire response!

Think Feel Balance

Thanks Donna Luisa! I believe satire and humor are, sometimes, the only way people will see the truth of a situation. When a person’s 
“Think/Feel” balance is tilted toward strong feelings like anger and rage, their ability to think clearly and rationally is diminished. When someone helps them to calm and “defuse”, the balance can be restored.

So, either the Trumpster is using anger and rage to get people to believe his lies. Or, his think/feel is non-functional leaving his “feel” stuck at anger and rage at things he dislikes, which now includes almost everyone and everything, it will be impossible for him to ever think clearly or rationally.

A little humor, a little satire and a calm voice can help most people return to a healthy Think/Feel balance. And, in a moment of self-enlightenment they will realize. . .

. . .“Our president is an obnoxious, delusional, egocentric pervert with a god complex!”

Of course, once they reach this level of enlightenment, the other descriptive terms will soon follow.