Watch Closely For Subtle Hints Donald Trump Might Not Like Being Investigated.
Steven Rouach

Trump “Poster Child” for Macro-Expression Theory

I’ve studied micro-expressions since the Nixon years. Many politicians learned to minimize their “tells” over the years. But, Trump’s micro-expression “tells” are now imperceptible to all but those with extensive experience in identifying them. He must have spent years gagging on Cheetos to perfect hiding them. It’s an amazing accomplishment with a downside!

Experts in the emerging field of macro-expression “tells”, expressions only noticed using a holistic view of a person, unanimously agree Trump is blind to his macro-expression “tells” and unable to hide them. The working theory for this “either/or phenomenon” is expressed as “People with limited abilities can only identify and hide one type of tell, either micro-expression or macro-expression. While one is noticed and controlled, the other is oblivious to the person.”

More research is needed on this theory, but Trump is considered its “Poster Child” by experts in this field.

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