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Trump’s Agenda for the Gullible Naive

Trump’s agenda can be summed up simply. “I don’t care about people, I care about getting more wealth for myself.”

The longer version.

  1. Abolish all government funded programs under the guise of letting states have control.
  2. Taxes collected not provided to states, but only the wealthy as more “job creation incentives” with no strings attached. States get nothing.
  3. Taxes mostly on employees. Insurmountable taxes on any small business that competes with wealthy or tries to stay in business.
  4. Comprehensive reimbursement and cafeteria style health, vision, disability, vacation, sick leave and retirement benefits available to all. The catch is only the wealthy will be able to afford them. Employees will decide whether to buy food or pay for minimal benefits. If you are sick and miss work, that will have to be paid for. All people will either be required to work or are out on their own. No disability, SSI, SSDI, or any assistance.
  5. Programs to protect employee health, rights, wages and safety will be unfunded as well as environmental protections. People will not realize these programs will eventually cease to exist and not be able to provide any protections or rights to citizens.
  6. All property rights will be taken away or, sold for little to pay for food, healthcare or work.
  7. Schools will be funded. Proficiency Testing will be important. It will sort those who can be educated to work professional, skilled and technical, jobs from those who will receive enough education or on-the-job experience to work in semi-skilled or general labor jobs.
  8. Goal: Trump and his cronies will create jobs at minimum wages or no wages (if in debt to the wealthy), in jobs with no safety rules, no protection from health hazards and no restrictions on hours or age of employees. Only two classes will exist, the wealthy and the workers who make them money.

Yes, he wants to keep illegal aliens out. He will have his own supply of cheap labor. No sense bringing in people who are needy to start. If you are a believer in slavery, you will fit in the system well. . .as slave labor.

It’s Goodby to “of the People by the People and for the People!” to bowing when the Trump blows (yes, multiple meanings intended)!

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