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Possible Twigight. Illustration by Z (my granddaughter)


Just what are Twigights, I do not know

They may wear a hat, they may eat snow

Some may hide in my bed or under my shoe

But, I haven’t seen a Twigight, have you?

I’ve heard it said they have no feet

and little ones laugh loudly, its so sweet.

Someone said Twigights wash in the dew

But, I haven’t seen one, have you?

Twigights like to rest while sitting on my knees

And whistle when they smell a summer breeze

Just what is a Twigight, I haven’t a clue

Cause, I haven’t seen a one, have you?

Twigights look funny when they are mad,

Rub their backs to make them quite glad

I never will forget them, they stick like glue

Yet, I haven’t seen a Twigight, have you?

I may have heard one singing in a tree

and two small ones, talking close to me

I’d say they’re not real. But, it’s not true,

Since, I may have seen a Twigight, have you?

Two Twigights are hovering just over my chair

And one is asking me what he should wear

I think of them often while eating my stew

And, Yes I saw a Twigight, didn’t you?