How Colors Influence Our Body And Health

Have you ever thought, why some people like dark colors, but other prefer lighter? Why do you feel better in a room with blue or yellow wallpapers but not so good with red ones? In fact, these preferences are not random. Аll the time, people are influenced by the colors. Even, they could heal different body disorders. Color therapy is not new — the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians knew it very well and properly applied to cure many diseases.

These days, the color healing has been evaluated to one modern therapy, called Chromotherapy. Thanks to the famous Swiss psychologist Luscher who has developed it and revealed the colors’ secret. Probably knowing it, that help him to determine the character and the mental state of a person. He used a simple test with the eight main shades, which should be sorted on the principle ‘like — do not like’ — from the most pleasant to the most unpleasant. So, the four main colors of the palette — green, blue, red, yellow define the character of a person and the other mixed hues can unveil the current mood.

Many people subconsciously use this power of colors, to change their health, mood, etc. But can they truly affect our body and health?