Solve The Problem of Your Children While They Sleep

Do you want your child to listen to you much more than before? Do you want your son or daughter to be a healthier and happier person? Do not waste your energy in long and intensive conversations, anymore. There is an easier way to help to your lovely youngsters to grow without mind or body unhealthy conditions and be in a harmonious relationship with them.
 Positively, you can influence their pure subconscious while they sleep.
How could this happen?
Words, words, words — well said with a tender voice. Words are the best drug for the society since we were created as a human kind. The right phrases, filled with love, peace, and warmth, properly used could make miracles. In this case, be careful with your expressions at any time of the day or night.

One new research suggests that mother’s voice may do far more than soothe the child. When moms spoke, several important areas of their children’s brain were influenced, which are responsible for emotions, hearing, reward processing, processing the information about the self, and perceiving and processing the sight of faces.

Recently, children abound with energy are called ‘hyperactive’, but knowing this, often parents turn into a vicious circle, worrying themselves and the kid, which is not healthy for both sides. In addition, the period of growth is the most important time when some models of children’s and parents’ behavior last a lifetime. So, an important key to better parenting is the power of your voice and words expressing love, patience, and calmness, inspiring kids with respect and confidence. Calm parents bring up, calm children. Try to keep a harmonious atmosphere at home, use your warmest tone of voice and reveal the abilities of the human mind, during the most intimate part of the day — sleeping time. The most convenient moment, when the subconscious is ready to accept is 30–40 minutes after we fall asleep.

When we sleep our conscious is passive, but the subconscious is open and receptive — a state that is beneficial for healing in every age and condition. Often the kid’s mind is loaded with fears, daily traumas and contradictions, but using the healing power of words, you can help to release them. Only you and your maternal healing energy can unlock blockages of the mind of your little inheritors.

Applying this method, properly for your child’s unhealthy conditions, is a way, that will help the kid get rid of bad habits, such as stammering, bed wetting, difficulties in talking or walking, sleeping, eating, computers, etc.

Perhaps, in the beginning, it will be strange for you to talk to somebody who is asleep, but this is the moment when he/she is listening to you implicitly. Furthermore, most of us are so busy and do not have enough time to communicate with their children during the day.
 What do you need to do?
 To be prepared for this procedure which reminds hypnosis is better to write the message on a paper, for the sleeping child, who ‘expects’ your positive phrases. Let it begins with some words expressing your best feelings, which he/she needs to be a completed personality. Try to use your tenderest voice and say: Dear son /daughter/ name, I love you so much. You are a healthy, happy and calm child. You are a clever, talented person in perfect health. Keep your good relation with your mom, dad, sister, brother, etc. You can bring in a normal condition your daily needs of ___ eating, talking, using the computer, etc. You will be able to ___walk, talk, sleep better, yet. Your body is strong and ready to___. When you wake up tomorrow morning you will be calmer, relaxed and joyful. Everything will be Ok.

In this way, you can open and set the kid’s mind to the positive change and better living. Nobody knows better your little family members, than you, and what is the best for them.

Try to write your letter from your heart, using the right words in 5–7 sentences. Avoid using negative sentences or phrases with ‘No’ or ‘Not’, because the subconscious accepts the existing problem again. If you can record your message, it will not be necessary to say the words every night. Repeat the program several times, when the kids are quite asleep and expect the result very soon.

After several years, this practice could be useful for your children when they become parents. Certainly, it will not be new but with a modern view.
 There is no universal formula for parenting, but every day we learn how to be better tutors, who raise healthy and happy children.

Originally published at on September 20, 2016.