You’d be hard pressed to find a modern company that believes in the ‘stick’ as the best way to motivate people. But what if I told you that the ‘carrot’ might not be the answer either?

It is easy to think if you pay people more, the happier they…

After 18 months of bouncing around Melbourne, squatting in other people’s offices and taking over co-working spaces, we finally have a place to call our own: 900 square meters on Queen Street overlooking the Yarra river (check out the video for the amazing views).

Sometimes when I’m here late…

Keeping good people is good. Keeping people forever is unrealistic. Keeping the wrong people forever is easier, but is bad for businesses.

Good retention

Good retention is keeping the people your competitors want, for as long as they are an asset to the company.

Every company has turnover. Good turnover is…

Didier Elzinga

People Geek. CEO/Co-Founder Culture Amp.

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