Loneliness in Good Company.

Alone with friends.

Finding yourself in this world can be very difficult. Especially now when we live in an age of bloated self-conceited, immodest swagger, self-exalted vainglory vanity. Otherwise known as fuckwits. People are continuously trying to confine themselves by inserting thyself into socially cultured boxes, which are defined by the passions, dress codes, a specific type of self-esteem, and ideologies. Redefining yourself, in the hopes of finding true acceptance, and camaraderie amongst your “peers”.
The truth is, humans like to neatly compartmentalise everything categorically so that there is a clear understanding of identity and how people should exist. The only problem is that not everything is black and white and everyone lives in the grey area. No one truly fits into any social or cultural group neatly and perfectly.

Sometimes you can be a lead singer of a metal-core band, windmilling your lusciously long black hair, rocking black skinnies, sinking down beers, screaming your heart out on a Saturday night. During the week, you run a respectable small business, not only completing the tasks at hand, but also dealing with clients, building rapport, chasing payments, doing taxes, updating your industry knowledge. And in the evenings, you’re a loving parent of two beautiful children with your button up shirt, and your hair pinned back.

There are many facets to the individual and unfortunately, like modern video games, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual pointing out the fundamentals of self-awareness, and personal development.
Did you know that you can be whoever you want to be?

I don’t mean embodying yourself into an existing celebrity. You can’t be Beyonce, and god forbid that another human being would ever develop into the megalomaniac that Kanye West is today.

No, what I mean is through the many wonderful shits and goodies that life has thrown your way. Coping mechanisms that your parent/s did or didn’t teach you, and integrity that may or may not have been formed by your adolescent peers. If you want to find out what kind of a shit head you are, I recommend www.16personalities.com. Finding out your personality type may help you realise some truths about yourself that you may have known subconsciously but never been able to bring those aspects to light.
Becoming self-aware of this and being intentional in your interactions is no easy feat. Most humans live life reactively. Most of their decisions are influenced by the interactions of another human, which in turn is based on an emotional stance. How did that interaction make you feel? Being able to assess your emotional status, choosing your composure, and choosing how to react all
It would seem that you, my friend, have come to realise the vanity of false joy. This takes honesty with oneself which is very difficult because the further you walk down this road, the bleakness of this world will become more apparent to you.

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