Hong Kong street photography

Up until three weeks ago, I had never been to Hong Kong before. Growing up, most of what I’d learned about the city had come from The World of Lily Wong, with a few stories from my dad about the time he’d spent playing Token White Guy in various films there in the 80s. It had always struck me as a fascinating city.

Recently, my life’s been undergoing some rapid changes, and old dreams are starting to be realized. As a result, I found myself in November wrapping up a few months’ worth of research into the world’s business-friendly jurisdictions, and wiring off a payment to an accountancy firm in the most reputable one. I stepped off the plane a couple months later, excited to meet my new accountants in Hong Kong, but even more excited to be back in Asia.

There are a thousand and one things I love about Asia, but the biggest one is how practicality is a core component to the culture. To the untrained eye, the streets of any major Asian metropolis may seem chaotic, but this is an unfair characterization. The streets of Asian metropolises are filled with people accomplishing things, efficiently, with minimal bullshit.

I have deep respect for people who go out and get shit done, no matter what may be holding them back. Sometimes I think I have problems, but I have two full legs and still walk slower than this guy. Fuck my problems.

Knowing that I’d be able to count on insane efficiency and an attitude of “it’s okay to bend the rules a little bit if it benefits everyone involved”, I’d planned on taking advantage of my trip to buy a grey market camera. Having done my research beforehand, I soon found myself in a third floor office in a nondescript building in Mong Kok, chatting with two entrepreneurial young businessmen about their grey market import business. They take advantage of the different pricing schemes the camera manufacturers try to apply to identical products in different countries, and have a worldwide network of shoppers discreetly buying the products and shipping them to Hong Kong. 20 minutes later, I walked out with a Nikon D810 from “somewhere in Europe, probably” and a pair of lenses, at 2/3 of the listed price in the US— tax free, of course. What a great country.

It’s a nice camera.

I set out early the next morning to try to capture the essence of the city. What follows is my attempt.

All in all, it’s an incredible city, filled with life and excitement and vibrancy at every turn. I loved it, and would highly recommend that you go.

Oh yeah, there’s also a kickass hookah lounge with a huge balcony on the 21st floor of a skyscraper. Perfect.

Bloop shisha lounge. They even opened early for me because I had a flight to catch. So nice!