If you are going to use Venmo, only use Venmo with friends. It is not a secure, safe, or trustworthy payment provider. They aren’t even trying to be.

I sold my Mac Pro on Craigslist and got paid via Venmo. Venmo says I was paid. I give the thief my Mac Pro. Then Venmo reverses the money. $2000. Gone. Their response: “I’m sorry that we cannot be of further assistance with this matter.”

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You know, if somebody gives you a fake check, you get investigated by the FBI… this is basically equivalent, except Venmo is considered an accomplice in this instance. …

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Photo by: Ales Krivec

As promised, here’s my postmortem of waking up early at 5am for 5 months.

There's a lot of controversy on this topic. According to plenty of opinions on the interwebz some humans are simply not morning people. I find this misleading. I don’t think anyone is a morning person, but, I am of the opinion that everyone can be if they wanted to.

How do I know this? Simple. Remember that time back in grade school when you had a field trip the next day? I bet your mom didn’t need to drag you out of bed compared to regular school day. How about that one time you booked a 5am flight to Honolulu? …

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Photo by Elizabeth Lies

Been waking up for the past 4 months between 6:30–7:30am. Not going to front, that shit is hard and I’m still struggling with it.

Most of the dilemma isn’t from not getting enough sleep, since I tend to be in bed by a reasonable hour. …


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