Selfie Sundays

My 2015 New Years Resolution.

Everyday of our lives we wake up to face the challenges that lie before us, sometimes we make progress, sometimes we have set backs but overall we try to keep pushing forward one day at a time.

As we get older things get trickier in my opinion, and its not because the problems themselves necessarily get harder, we just have more mental debt. The longer you live the wiser you get, but you don’t get wiser from simply existing, rather the events you go thru. Every event in life affects you and influences the way you continue to perceive things — for better or for worse.

I did something today that I haven’t done in a long time, I made no plans, grabbed my camera and left my apartment. I ended up at Union Square walking around taking photos, talking to the homeless and just going with the flow. As I was wondering around I noticed a father playing with his daughter. Both of them seemed to be having fun yet I couldn’t help but ask myself, I wonder what is on their minds right now. My conclusion was simple, more, on the dads end. The child seemed free, pure and as if nothing mattered but the fact that she was having fun running around. I don’t remember the last time I was really in the moment. My mind is constantly bombarded by random thoughts and my first instinct is to get control and make sense of it all.

I want to be lost and free again.

We as humans have this obsession with feeling normal, some more than others. Some define being normal by the things society dictates to be normal, and some are lucky enough to have their own views, but nonetheless we all care about being at peace with our conscious. But how, how does one come to peace with their conscious? I cant answer this question for everyone, but for myself I find that I’m most at peace with myself when I feel like I’m making progress in life, otherwise I could be at a stand still and after enough time passes I’d get bored and the boredom initiates the mental imbalance.

The question now becomes, how does one make progress? We spend a lot of time and energy on things that seem important rather than the things that actually are, and I for one could contest to doing that numerous times — so why do we do it? Simple, we make conscious decisions every day on things that we perceive to be important at that given point in time.

Now its all a game of perspective. How do you get better at fine tuning your perspective to then be able to differentiate bet what seems important and what actually is important?


By putting your emotions, bias, and superficial drivers aside you enable yourself to see things more clearly, if not actually seeing things for what they actually are rather than how your mind might have manipulated them to seem.

Clarity enables perspective. Perspective enables better decision making. Better decision making enables progress. Progress makes me happy.

With all that, I’ve made 2015’s New Year resolution to put a new spin on Selfie Sundays — no its not about taking selfies, its about having one day a week (sunday) to myself. Theres only one rule: the second I step out of my apartment everything gets left behind. Every concern, belief, opinion etc. Theres no plan, just me and fait.

I did it today for the first time, and even though I can’t say I solved every problem that I have, I did however come home feeling as if my brain got 10lbs lighter. I feel as if I gained some clarity and yet all I did was let go of the problem and my thoughts for a brief moment. I’ve always been amazed as to how some of life’s most complicated challenges could get solved with the most simplest solutions.

Happy New Years and thank you for reading.