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Time to wake up. A life hack experiment.

Been waking up for the past 4 months between 6:30–7:30am. Not going to front, that shit is hard and I’m still struggling with it.

Most of the dilemma isn’t from not getting enough sleep, since I tend to be in bed by a reasonable hour. It’s all in my head. Even after 4 months, waking up at 7ish still feels unnatural — I mean who would blame me, I did 4 years of the startup grind burning the midnight oil, working till 3am, and walking into the office the next day at 12pm. My brain is anchored to perceiving 10am wake ups as normal and anything earlier than that is just scary to think about.

Every time my alarm goes off this is what goes through my mind:

“Don’t worry bruhhh, it’s still super early, you could wake up in another 2 hours and it’ll still be 9am… Sleep in bruhhh… You’re all good bruhhh…”

My mind keeps comparing to that late wake up hour it still thinks is normal. And every morning I have to fight my mind to get out of bed, because bottom line is, I don’t need to wake up that early but I should. My mind knows that, and my laziness kicks in at full throttle.

I’m going to do an experiment on myself. I’m going to give my mind another reference point to compare to.

The idea is simple: 7am is crazy because 10am is normal — or at least thats how my brain perceives it at the moment. Soooo, starting next week im going to wake up at 5:15am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can’t cheat either because I committed to training a friend of mine, so if I don’t show up I’ll be letting him down — they call this an “accountability buddy”.

Wait, hold up Didi, hows waking up at 5:15am twice a week going to help — you out of your mind?

Naturally this sounds counter intuitive for one simple reason; if I had a hard time waking up at 7ish how in the world would anything get easier by waking up even earlier?

Heres my hypothesis: Waking up at 5:15am twice a week will be brutal but could make waking up at 7ish the remainder of the week a breeze.

7ish is crazy because 10am is normal, but, 7ish is fine even if 10am is normal because 5:15am is absurd. I added an new piece of information for my brain to process as a decoy so as a result I’ll have an easier time getting out of bed majority of the week. Hopefully it works out, results to come in a few months :)

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