It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!! My son often tried to tell me that “You’re being too emotional”, when I make my feelings crystal clear about — hate, bigotry — etc…. and or if I’m on the receiving end of it; and like many who try to intellectualize (ignore) the raw pain, despair etc… I hope I’ve finally taught him that doing so does nothing other than “negate the pain of another human being”, and it is an ignorant reaction and there’s nothing “intellectual or smart” about it. We should shout and decry cruel, bigotry exactly for what it is and that is IMHO a person who is intellectually deficient and one who desperately needs an education in humanity and that we all come from the same source, have a very short time on this earth and are all going back to that same source. 
Note** I did spend a period of my life — walking on eggs — trying to appease brutes — trying to educate — trying to walk the path of: “Forgive them for they know not what they doeth”… Today at 69 — I have no problem letting an asshole know what I think of him/her and no problem shouting it from every rooftop possible :) 
A million thanks for this I repeat, brilliant article.