Trump is not despicable, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or an asshole, nor are his supporters.
Just Studying

You claim his support is based on policy….etc… Pray tell — what policy are you talking about? That he …”would make America great again’…???? That he would build a wall? That he’d bomb he hell out of those muslims… and his list goes on and on and on — with NOTHING whatsoever er about exactly how and what he actually has in mind? The only thing he’s made clear is his — disgusting racist, divide and conquer — utter bullshit… … that makes no FISCAL SENSE WHATSOEVER — and one could go on for volumes about the damage and chaos he would create — resulting in a depression that’d make 1929 look like a golden era — but hey I know “his supporters”… will ignore and/or excuse or gloss over — any FACTS offered and I’m talking irrefutable FACTS. ” You DARE pretend that one shouldn’t be digusted by anyone supporting this creep of a man who HAS RAPED a 12 year old — has cheated on ALL HIS WIVES — has BANKRUPTED TOO MANY TO COUNT who have worked, with and or for him — had DESTROYED pretty much every single real estate venture he touched — and the ONLY thing he’s made any money on is his freaking Trump name… and he is the ONLY one that’s made money from that — certainly NOT any of his investors — including countless SENIORS who invested their life savings on his — LYING CLAIMS when he went public — in the stock market… where EVERYONE LOST EVERYTHING… except your man Trump!

Notwithstanding his insane — personal attacks against Hillary and the President — AND MINORITIES, THE WEAK, THE POOR… THE DISABLED all while freaking running for the highest office in the world… and made a total idiot of himself and the entire election process WORLDWIDE … and yup you support his policies — and are busy to boot — slurring Hillary Clinton — the person who has IN FACT spent her entire freaking life working on YOUR BEHALF. YOU BET HIS FOLLOWERS ARE DEPLORABLE & DISGUSTING and clearly just as abusive as he is. YECH. No you don’t have to hide — you shouldn’t hide — because people should be warned about what your character is about…. to be able to make sure they/we can keep our children away from you all!

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