Help Me. I am falling.

After years of being knocked by violent gusts of wind I have fallen from my treehouse. I fell and caught a branch, social welfare picked me up but it didn’t stop the gusts of wind. Another saw me lose my grip. Falling through branches I grabbed and fell, grabbed and fell, climbed up a little then fell a lot further.

I am hanging on to this branch. Bruised, battered, hurt, bleeding. My arms are tired. I can’t

Looking back up at my treehouse, it’s so far away now so high to climb, and it is dangerous to climb. The wind is still gusting and many of the branches are broken, most won’t support my weight.

Looking down, there’s a long drop, it’s dangerous too, but maybe I’ll be safe from the wind? I let go.

Please catch me my fellow humans, help me find a better treehouse, one not in the wind.

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