For the past 18 months, I’ve led the design systems team since its inception at Culture Amp. I’ve worn many hats, contributing to design, development, and product management. Today I want to focus on the tech, culture, and the non-intuitive lessons I’ve learned building a design system. It’s just one story, but I hope you can take away something useful from my experience.

At Culture Amp, the key to building a successful design system was fostering a shared language. A shared language has helped us uplift our product’s design, all while building a strong partnership between design and engineering.


Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

It was a Sunday morning in Melbourne. Having watched a few video courses on data viz with D3, I decided to set myself a goal: by the end of 2020, I will feel confident to design data visualizations of the complexity and visual impact of those by the New York Times. Today marks 30 days on that journey.

For me, data viz is a creative outlet, and a powerful intersection of design and code. It lets you tell captivating stories. The satisfaction of producing something visual, something alive with motion that you can interact with, keeps me motivated to keep…

Diana MacDonald

Author of Practical UI Patterns for Design Systems. Creator of Typey Type for Stenographers. Data Viz Engineer.

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