Do I like to be reviewed?

Rewinding back to months ago when I got the ALC 3.0 scholarship, I was delighted as well as curious about what to expect as I journey into a strange and new world. Heard lots of stories about programming, the interesting and the coolest things. I even fell in love with Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi from Big Hero 6, cool movie and I still watch it for inspiration.

Fast forward to when I started writing codes, as a noob, I paid attention to details when I am being taught and even downloaded videos to watch again to get a better understanding. I started submitting projects and started getting reviews. Based on the fact that the projects were being reviewed by different guys apart from those who were showing me how to, there are sometimes, when I am suggested to go a different way from what I am used to. And since there is a deadline for completing the modules, I must go on and implement what I am being told in order to meet up with the deadline. My point is not because of the deadlines but as a newbie, I wanted to grow and exploit every possible avenue to progress faster. I know there is no one way to getting things done in programming but lots of ways, so, why not, lemme see what other ways are even cleaner and shorter to get to my destinations.

So, I was to build a restaurant application, where I am to use service workers for offline experience and to change the front end for responsiveness. I did what I was supposed to do, but then each time I get a review, I was told to correct something or make a change or even to remove something. The essence of the corrections was to make my codes acceptable or meet a particular specification. I did all I was told to do and then I was certified.
So, my point is, whether there’s a catch or not, I want to grow and become better and use best practices or methods out there. And I believe you already got the answer to the question asked above…

Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash