Peter Thiel, YC, and hard decisions
Ellen K. Pao

I don’t like Clinton or Trump, but I would rather have Trump because he’ll be out in 4 years and Clinton has essentially promised to go to war with Russia. Look up Russian Arms Expo, it isn’t something to take lightly. If we go to war with Russia, many many many people will die.

You can’t tell me you’d rather many people die than have someone who can’t keep their mouth shut become president. You’re insane if you tell me that. That’s sick and psychopathic if you would prefer people dying over Trump hating on minorities. They’re both bad but it shouldn’t be a hard choice.

Do this: write out what would potentially happen if either candidate were elected, now mark the ones that are guaranteed to occur. Weigh each. If you end up with Clinton being better, you did something wrong.

Plus in 4 years we can kick Trump out.

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