Writing A Letter To Senator Bernie Sanders

This is dedicated to Bernie Sanders, your progress will forever stay in our hearts, and it will decide where we will go in the future.

Hey Bernie, I wanted to thank you and let you know how much your work has meant to me. Keep reading and I’ll get to it.
Back in summer 2014, I remember when I first started supporting Clinton. Heck, I didn’t care what she believed, as long as she was democrat. Political Corruption was something I was aware of, but in my head, only a few polititians did it. All I knew was, Climate Change is real and that’s something Democrats support right? Wrong. As I watched everyone battle Keystone XL with Obama, you could tell how hesitant he was to veto it. It was finally vetoed, but then he approved of drilling in the arctic, he let other oil companies build pipelines. It was a huge “What The Fuck You Guys? Are You Insane?” moment.
Sure, you don’t have to tank the economy to be a bad president, and Obama didn’t tank the economy. To my standards, it’s not doing great at all though. The net revenue within the 99% is so much lower than even the 1% of the 1%. A great way of visualizing this is with a bar graph. But this is the point you were making, you brought it to people’s attention. You are exactly who I’ve been waiting for!! I often wonder, what would the country be like if Al Gore had won, maybe some political corruption, but society would be at least 10 years ahead here. Sure some blame Ralph Nader for the loss, after all he did snag a few votes from Gore. Imagine, I wouldn’t be talking about how important Climate Change is as an issue right now.
What I’ve realized is, ever since that piece of shit, Bill Clinton, was president, the Democratic Party has swung to the right. In fact, no matter who wins this election, the republicans have essentially won. Not the GOP, but the republicans, Hillary is their poster girl! Now, I like Bill Clinton, I don’t really understand why, certainly not for his presidency, I think for his badassery, and perhaps his immaturity is amusing. You can’t deny he is constantly Stoned, Hammered or Coked up, and he’s still hooking up with women, I guess you could say in college, that’s a fun time. We really need the Democrats to be Democrats again. Forget Making America Great Again, just please for the love of God, Make Democrats Democratic Again!!!
I really want to thank you for putting into perspective just how broken the political system is. I have put fixing the country before family. I had a close relationship with my aunt. We talked maybe every week because I enjoyed talking and learning from her. I want to start several businesses, and she was a good person to talk to about that. The problem is that she was on the board of the Human Rights Campaign, the Political Action Campaign (not Committee) that betrayed you. GRrr, every time I hear HRC or Chad Griffin I mumble to myself “Fucking assholes”. On their website prior to Chad Griffin’s endorsement of Hillary, they rated her at a low 80 score and you at I believe 96%. You were the better LGBT ally and they chose her. Just goes to show that they only care about rhetoric, not LGBT rights. I was so mad when this happened and got into a fight with my aunt. They essentially fucked over this country. Cut to today, I haven’t talked to her in about 4–5 months. Last time I tried to talk to her was maybe a month ago, but she ignores me. I’m realizing success is easier with political involvement. Oh and one more thing before I go to my next point, Chad Griffin’s Salary varies based on the year, from 3%-5% of The HRC’s total revenue, and considering $12 million is a new number for them, it probably used to be around 7%–9%.
One issue I have is that none of us trust her [Rodham Clinton], she says that she will work on Climate Change, debt free college, universal healthcare and other progressive policies, but the only thing she had ever fought for in her past were NAFTA ~ 10 years, a rapist, and tasked by BC to write a Healthcare bill for Children as Senator of New York, which let me remind you she said she was against gay marriage. Jump back to today and she said there was nothing illegal about her emails, WRONG. Nothing bad in her transcripts, WRONG. “From the beginning” fought for LGBT rights, ( not unless the beginning was 2 years ago) WRONG.
WE. JUST. DON’T. TRUST. HER. We can’t, it’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that her credebility has dropped due to all the lies. Will she do anything significant about Climate Change? Who the fuck knows; flip 3 coins and if theyre all heads, then she’ll consider it. We can hope in one hand and shit in the other, which fills up faster? The latter. Same with every other progressive issue. Here’s a list that you can repeat the same procedure with: (https://www.reddit.com/r/Political_Revolution/comments/56p78d/the_dnc_platform_and_our_role_as_progressives_to/) You said she’s infinitely better than Trump, but I can’t piece the logic together. Trump is against the foreign trade deals, he’s anti-establishment, and in four years, we can run a true progressive against him and win. The way I see it is that the best option for putting a new progressive into the White House is if we take a loss with Trump, gather support, run someone like Tulsi Gabbard or any progressive really in 2020. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. It’s not an easy one, but on a time crunch, the kind we have with diminishing democracy and the rate at which our government is growing more corrupt, and the rate at which the planet is warming; we don’t have time for a worse than Obama president who was way too moderate, and you know damn well that the DNC won’t remove her in 2020 if she wins this time.
Do our votes even count? You won, you did! Rodham stole your nomination. “Fair and Square” she stole it from grandpa Bernie. This is the country my generation will inherit, we don’t have 30 fucking years to dick around with certain issues. It’s just not realistic. It sounds like me when I’m planning meetings between class and study time, I just end up being late for all of them. Say we have 16 years to fix the climate or all hell breaks loose, which it is, but I’m not sure we have that much time to shift momentum. Would you want to spend 8 years with Hillary fucking around and risk losing to a republican in 2024 and have literally nothing accomplished with the Climate, or would you want 4 years of a republican and 12 years of Progressives?? Let’s not forget, Trump is truly the moderate, Ted Cruz was the batshit crazy one. We got lucky with Trump, it could’ve been Kasich, who is actually more Democratic than Rodham, but you know…
Now, off to another topic of discussion. You are the MLK of this decade, you’ve woken everyone up, the establishment will have to step up their game to stay alive, which is good and bad, their power will grow more rapidly and we have no power to resist them not, but you know, at least we know we’re not crazy. It’s literally the book 1984.
What really touched many of us is that you actually cared. Now we have a nominee who is running because it’s on her bucket list, one who loves money and fame. That’s so very dangerous. Have you seen Elysium? Great movie, it’s basically about Clinton becoming president.
For once, I thought, ahem, we thought, we had a true leader, someone who has spent their life trying to make the country, and the world, a better place. You inspired me to seek out my own destiny, because I want to make the world a better place through future concepts and technology, and the way I say that is because you showed me that you need a fuckton of money to promote positive change. I want to be like Elon Musk ina sort of way, except with charitable contributions to society, and I would be the handler. I would make sure the job gets done, because I would do it myself.
Bernie Sanders, I want to carry on this legacy. I want to make the world a better place, I believe this country is salvageable. It’s in terrible condition, but I want to fix it. I know that’s what corporations hate too. That’s why it’s hard in elected office. The less problems that exist, the less solutions they can sell. Capitalism in a nutshell. Ironic isn’t it, that I want to fix capitalism, using capitalism?
I almost feel like I want to ask you for assistance, but I feel like on the other hand figuring it out on my own is a good way, freethinking and creativity is rare and as society advances, it’s more needed. But currently my plan is to join Student Government Association at my University ([My University]), change things in Parking Services, it’s a shitfest there, run for city counsel next year ( I think it’s annual, maybe it’s perennial), then work my way up from there, while being involved in startups.
I was wondering though, could I get a signed photo from you and Jane sent to [Street address, ZIP, City, State]? You could also send any tips or advice you have with it or to [Student Email], I would very much appreciate it. I was also wondering if you will be coming to Colorado any time soon? I would like to see you speak before the election dies down. ( I feel like it would be foolish not to leave my phone number as another form of contact: [(phone) number])
They say, you never want to meet your heros because you will be disappointed, however, with you being up there with Elon Musk, I’m not sure I would. I have high standards and I learn to expect only what is reasonable, not to confuse that with goals, I like goals that I question whether they can be achieved.
Anyways Papa Berno, thank you for all you have done in aiding the country in what I like to call, an update. I trust that you will find a way to push your agenda, our agenda, to make the world a better place.
Good Luck, [Name]
And pardon my French; you can tell I am serious though :D
Other info: I’m [age], [Location], Likes nature, ex-democrat, etc

I think I’ll end it there, I cried a little writing this. I got really nostalgic