Noor Tagouri and Kevin Clancy Lecture

By Shannon McCormick

A tremendous thank you is in order to Noor Tagouri and Kevin Clancy, who recently spoke to our college. They shared their experiences on making it as millennials in the new age of journalism and offered key insights to students and faculty on the industry as a whole.

Here is a recap of their inspirational lecture:

Marquette University class of ’15 alumnus Kevin Clancy spoke passionately about his work as a video journalist. He enjoys creating unique material, which helps him thrive in his field. Safety was a common discussion topic throughout the lecture, and Kevin stated that: “the best journalists are always the most prepared”. Kevin disclosed that to prepare for the unknown, he paid to be kidnapped in order to experience and attempt to escape even the worst situations. Colleagues and friends vouched for Kevin’s preparedness on Twitter.

Kevin Clancy

In closing, Kevin thanked the Marquette faculty who helped him receive interviews that would jumpstart his journalism career.

There is preparation and there is authenticity. Journalist and speaker Noor Tagouri embodies authenticity in everything she does. She challenged herself to embrace her culture and identity by wearing the hijab, even though her family did not expect her to do so. 
As a result, Noor is able to land interviews she normally would not have received because the interviewees trusted her to be honest and empathetic. Vulnerability is vital to Noor, and she says that it is a quality that we as humans need today more than ever. Noor takes her role as a journalist seriously, she lives by the notion that the story is bigger than yourself, and it is critical to give people a platform for their truth. She also takes the time to meet with interviewees and establish relationships with them so that she earns their trust.

Noor Tagouri

Noor and Kevin ended their lecture by discussing their insights about the journalism industry. They also reminded journalists that they “work for the people” and to practice social responsibility in their work.

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