Artificial Intelligence and AdWords

While I daily speak about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Marketing in general, I never got to write a story here. My colleage Ron did some groundwork on finding articles that recently came about and I thought It might be a good start to reveiw and comment on some of the posts.

“A primary prerequisite for solving a classification problem is some already classified data. Given that an existing paid search account has keywords “classified” by the campaign they are in, this is a good place to begin.”

“The DNA of your marketing automation software must be real-time and must have artificial intelligence and smart data science at its core to make every consumer interaction personal and every campaign relevant.”

“The idea of using machine learning and AI is driven by the complexity of where we are right now” … “There’s too much data. Marketing departments can’t deliver the analytics and deploy that level of agility that customers require. We’re reaching the limits of human cognitive power.”

“First it will substitute for repetitive, calculation-like activities. In media, there is a lot of mechanical lifting to replace; that’s why programmatic advertising is already machine learning’s first impact crater.”

“For companies to successfully compete in the new age of artificial intelligence, CMOs will be central to bringing consumers up the AI learning curve while at the same time communicating the value of their products and services.”

“Seven in 10 marketing leaders said their organisations are doing or planning for business in the artificial intelligence (AI) era, and 85 per cent said AI will change their workforce by requiring both new skill sets (40 per cent) or reducing the number of jobs (45 per cent).”

“It’s a complicated and manual process today to design and deliver a targeting strategy. With increasingly digital paths to conversion and connected devices, machine learning can be used to automatically optimise delivery against potential customers as their underlying interests, needs, and brand interactions evolve over time.”

“Machine learning, on the other hand, results in predictable responses and useful predictions. It can detect patterns in giant amounts of data and even present the results in visual graphics that highlight the most salient information.”

“So what skills should we equip ourselves with if optimising to the machine will be the greatest determinant of success? Upskilling now in the areas most transferable to AI, such as SEO, PPC and programmatic buying, is key for those on both client and agency side.”

“AI is moving closer to the way humans think” … “And future marketing will become increasingly data focused. I believe the convergence of marketing, the cloud, data and AI represent the future of marketing.”

“While the increase in the size of data appears daunting to humans, it makes machine learning work more efficiently and effectively. As the volume, variety, and velocity of data keeps growing, the Ai’s embedded AI solution makes sense for businesses today.”

“Managing marketing technology and the massive amount of data collected by digital marketing activities is an ongoing challenge. Many are struggling to extract meaningful insights that can help drive results.”

Want more like this? Let me know what topics to discuss and tell me what you think about AI and marketing and I will try to add something meaningful…