Why Is Europe Failing To Produce More Unicorns?
Thomas Petersen

With some experience in the online and startup scene (in the Netherlands and acting global) my first and and (some time) standing opinion on this is that it is culture that is preventing Europe from being a single market and that is a barrier growing from local>state>continent>global. And related to countries and languages this culture is dominantly preventing it from becoming a single market.

Half way in your observation you use the terms US and EU to compare the two: that’s impossible. The EU is an administrative system, not a country, nobody will say I’am an EU-er. Most will like one currency, no borders and same legislation (to some extend); and the might say I am a European. But that comes far after being an Amsterdammer, and then someone from The Netherlands.

Even accros Europe these differences exist: there is a completely different business culture in Northern Europe compared with the Latin countries and so on. If a new, online, business is succesfull locally the next step is global rather then EU. And that is a big jump…

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