I made the mistake of upgrading my Ubiquity AirCam’s firmware to v3.1.4 the other day. It seemed like it was the right thing to do, since I was still running on 1.x.

The problem I had after the upgrade was there isn’t a way for ZoneMinder to get access to the images without authentication. This was an option on the older firmware, but none of ZoneMinder’s auth methods worked so I was stuck.

I read around a bit (as one does) on a few threads that an HTTP proxy might work, and then I had a light bulb moment. If…

When it took me a whole week to upgrade from RoboGuice 2 to 3, I should have seen it coming. Docs weren’t up to date, the examples on Stack Overflow didn’t help any more: It all pointed to the fact that no application developer wants to face: The end of development support for a (loved?) thirdparty library.

And what adventures we had! Roboguice and I. It was my first hesitant wade into dependency injection (DI) when we started Skyanmo way back in 2012, and the library served us well. …

Makerdays this winter was the first time all the Alphawave companies came together to collaborate on our free form Makerdays projects!

What is a Makerday anyway?

When Polymorph joined the Alphawave family, we looked at the different software teams, and what they did to maintain their skills (besides building awesome products).

Completely independently, the Alphawave software team, and the Polymorph team came up with an almost identical way of keeping the creative juices flowing, and ensuring we don’t get bored with our day to day work.

The idea is simply: set aside some time (two days, 3 times a year) where people get together and…

(Shields and/or swords will not be company provided.)

Since we are 6 companies building software and software related products in the Alphawave group, we started thinking there must be a way of sharing all this knowledge and experience.

One team might find that a specific technology is a really good solution for a particular kind of problem, and it would be a shame for all the other teams in the group to rediscover that truth from scratch.

Since we are not co-located any more, the natural intermingling around the coffee machine doesn’t happen anymore. …

Welcome, everyone. We are Alphawave, a group of small technology companies, that produces world class products and services. Our area of expertise is in everything from mobile apps, to VR to sales mobility and IoT.

Culture of innovation

Our company was founded in 1994 by 2 PhD engineering graduates, that thought working for a bank sounded boring. So they started their own business doing electromagnetic engineering consulting work instead.

Whenever a new business opportunity presented itself since then, our fearless leaders have given the idea enough time and money to prove itself, gain traction, and if successful potentially spin off to become its…

I have a list of books I want to read one day stashed on a note on Google Keep. (One of those ever growing lists.) Reading one of the hundreds of Bill Gates’s summer reading list articles I wanted to optimistically add another entry to the list.

Since I haven't updated it in a while I searched for the note by typing in “Book” in the search bar, as the title of the card was “Books to read”. The note came up, and I added the title. That was almost the end of it. But I noticed that other cards…

Power of the fax


Today we are inviting beta testers for the amazing onlythefax.io project, that involves fax machines, the Internet and lots of fun! To help, please complete this form. We will honour you with immortality if you choose to help us.

What is onlythefax.io?

Simply onlythefax.io is the future of the fax machine. For the first time ever, we are making the fax machine connect to the Internet in a modern and sensible way.

All you have to do to experience the awe of this service is to send a fax of a URL you want to browse to our magical fax number (using an…

I want to come clean: I am a TV (and movie) pirate, but I want to change my ways. Here is my attempt so far.

It is a little embarrassing to admit that my pirating practice continued even after getting a well paying job. Having the means to actually pay for the content I was enjoying, I looked around for ways of doing it.

But I couldn’t.

Only option in South Africa at the time of staring work (around 2005) was SABC (useless content, 3 channels) over priced M-net (one channel R300 pm) or super overpriced DSTV (satellite provider ~50…

The often overlooked side of Die Antwoord

Let’s consider the non-music side of Die Antwoord. The electronic music that they make isn’t necessarily everyone’s favourite. (Even though they do have legitimate history in that regard.) Instead I’m going to take a look at the artistic collaborations they have done over the years.

The Zef side music video, one of their first, was directed by Sean Metelerkamp. He also did a photo shoot with all three band members that was used as early promotional material. Metlerkamp won the Guggenheim Museum’s 2010 top 25 YouTube video awards for Zef side. …

Diederik Hattingh

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