From failure to PRODUCER OF THE YEAR

Diedre A Curry
Nov 3, 2017 · 2 min read

So, I am sitting at my laptop thinking where I was last year. Let me first say I was producing but I was still learning how to work the camera. I knew my purpose and what I bring to the table, BUT I was focusing on the wrong things. To be honest I was focusing so much on getting better that I was comparing myself to people who already has much more time vested in their craft. Which was no fair to myself. It was not until I realize that this is my story and the blueprint is created by me and I must tell it my way. I also look at this award and my heart is full because I overcame so much that I felt at the time could destroy me . I been homeless, heartbroken, painful divorce, unsure of myself to here. Now I look back on it everything I went through has prepared me for this very moment. I have a story to share. A heart to inspire, a person to uplift, a person to cheer for. Can you guess where it starts from … Meee . To everyone who is getting started in their journey this is for you. Every step counts even if they are so small and nobody claps . Cheers to 2018

Diedre A Curry

Written by

Self Expresser Enthusiasts, Empower with my Words, Style and Lens “Be Fearless in the pursuit of doing what sets your soul on fire “ www.DiedreCurry.Com

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