So I published my first blog

Hitting publish was the scariest Monday I experienced recently. I couldn’t put my finger on what scared me more could it be that I proof read the post 10 times to make sure everything was spelled correctly. Maybe I was afraid of how people would perceive my work . Either way I was going to follow through this time , so I hit published and chills flew down my spine .

I DID it, I DID it . Truth is I started calling myself a writer but I was keeping my entries to myself . I’ve been wanting to start my blog series for the last 6 months easy ( that is as far back I am going to admit digitally) here’s what I learned .

Just Do it

It’s really that simple, once you make the decision firm in your mind, do what you need to do to make it happen. What is the worst that can happen. Diedre if you are a writer well then you need to write and release.

Trust your Voice

Before I got the courage to say this is it . I found myself struggling to have the perfect writers voice . I spent a lot of time trying to decide my approach. Which lead to me spending time looking at people I admired instead of being confident in my own voice .

Promote your work

Now I never had a problem sharing content. My goal was to do it in a way that I could connect with my audience on a personal level so this takes a different approach. I decided to engage differently on every platform and to my surprise my results blew me away.

The one question I asked myself was why didn’t I do it sooner !!!

So I say to you if you are thinking of an Idea , starting a blog , starting that business or whatever else you are putting off for the perfect time. Go for it the hardest part is STARTING…