What UX taught me about agile transformations

Diego Bohman
Jan 18 · 1 min read
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When I first got in touch with UX, Usability, Design Thinking I was intrigued by the idea not to create solutions and then hope customers will like it, but vice versa first understand what the customer needs and then come up with ideas for solutions which you test with customers in early stages.

What I observed in agile transformations is similar: We throw solutions like Scrum, Kanban, Jira, etc. at teams. We don‘t distinguish between agile methods and Business Agility. Then we are surprised that there is no real change whatsoever.

So instead we should first ask „What need or challenge should be tackled by agile“? Secondly we need to figure out which aspects are missing in the company‘s environment to generate a fertile ground. Maybe we need to talk about things like openness, respect, courage, etc. before our agile seeds can take roots. Only then Business Agility can thrive.

Which challenges should Business Agility solve for you? Which factors in your environment prevent the agile seeds from taking roots?


#UX #agile #transformation #environment #behavior #change #values #respect #openness #courage #focus #purpose #trust #commitment

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