A quick guide to improving the speed of your SQL queries

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If you are a back-end developer, you may have noticed some of your queries run slowly. Perhaps you don’t write SQL yourself but rather use an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) that is querying the database in a non-optimal fashion.

I will show you why your queries are not executing quickly, and how to solve some of the most common issues you will encounter. This is not intended to be a deep dive, but hopefully this guide will help you tackle some troublesome areas.

Seeks and Scans

The most important concept when analyzing performance is the difference between seeks and scans.

We perform a…

Tips and tricks to improve your knowledge sharing sessions

When attending technical conferences like Microsoft Build or Ignite, it’s common to see presenters writing code on their computers in realtime. This can be difficult for the audience to follow, so presenters have found workarounds by using additional software to do clever things, such as visually displaying the keystroke combinations they’re pressing in a corner of the screen, or rapidly and seamlessly zooming in and highlighting various content on the screen.

Now that we’ve shifted to largely remote work, we can also make good use of these presentational tools in our daily lives as we present our code to remote…

AWS Lambdas and .NET

The concept of serverless computing is incredible. No server provisioning, no worries about web server management, just focus on your code and pay for what you use. Using just a little? Pay just a little. Using a lot? The services will scale accordingly. No need to trigger more instances with a script, waiting for those to start… and so on!

AWS Lambdas are here to take care of our needs (as long as we understand how they work ^_^).

Cold starts on AWS Lambda using .NET Core

When I first saw a demo for a serverless application hosted on AWS Lambda using .NET Core, I noticed that the…

Diego Garber

Solutions Architect for Slalom Build Chicago currently focused on cloud technologies and .Net Core

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