I am super stoked, so please, PLEASE DANNY, DON’T TRADE THE PICK!
Kevin Christopher McGrath

He shouldn’t be thinking of trading for Butler or George. That would be silly. But wouldn’t you trade it for Westbrook or Anthony Davis? Westbrook with spacing and defense turns Boston into contenders instantly. The Cavs are slipping.

Anthony Davis is coupled with Boogie, so things can go south any time next season. I guess Ainge has to keep patient because of Davis pathetic franchise management. He will be available at some point, and he’s a generational talent. It can be as soon as the next deadline.

Of course, if he loves what he sees from Fultz and decides to keep him, it will be a great thing as well. Really, only injuries— or a superstar in the mold of Jordan coming up — can derail the Celts rise to the top.