I’m sorry, but how does someone who rags on Stadium Arcadium and thinks I’m With You was halfway…
Michael Johnson

It’s not the first time I see a music writer from this generation trying to put the Chilli Peppers down as a joke, or saying it’s derivative from Fishbone or the Minutemen (like Steven Hyden liked to say back in Grantland).

Well, if you’re not dismissive of nineties rock, the list Michael Johnson put up really sums it up (even if I don’t care too much about By The Way or Stadium Arcadium).

They have silly lyrics, probably just as silly as 90% of the pop music production from any era. When they’re playing, you’ll catch glimpses of Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, P-Funk and punk rock, and they’re trully amazing doing it.

I can’t see any resemblance with Fishbone, sonically speaking. I listened to everything Fishbone put out, and got the idea that Hyden was just trying to look smart when he laid the idea that RHCP and Fishbone were almost the same thing. Harvilla might be just borrowing an idea here.

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