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No, it didn’t.

Are you a Rockets fan? Just relax, it’s not like they would win it all.

This is not Harden’s first no show (the one in the NBA finals was way worst, and never gets mentioned when people are killing Presti for the ill fated trade).

This is not the end of Harden’s world as well. Come on. LeBron’s 2010 and 2011 eliminations were just as depressing, with people questioning him and forgetting that he was going alone against grizzled and well coached veterans. LeBron seems fine, right? You got past 2011, right? Or do you still think he’s a choker and a crybaby?

I don’t see Harden getting a title under D’Antoni, and more heartbreak will certainly come, but he is a viable and deserving MVP candidate (I vote Westbrook) and a superstar.

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