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Oh, the Boston mafia. Let’s talk Marcus Smart up everytime and pretend like he’s untradeable and essential and see how much we can help driving his trade value up.

It sure worked with Rondo, right? Dallas gave up a lot for a non-shooter who has serious attitude problems (and had been in the trade block every year of his carreer) and doesn’t really play defense. It put Boston even more in the driver’s seat and it killed Dallas’ basketball, after more than 10 years competing at a high level.

Now it’s Marcus Smart time, so let’s put it straight forward: he’s a non-shooter with attitude problems that can’t create for himself or for others. Oh, and he’s been on trade talks for his whole carreer. His defense is valuable, and that’s it. He plays what? 20 minutes a game? Hopefully no team falls for Ainge’s shenanigans this time around. NBA front-offices have to learn to fear Danny Ainge. Whatever people said about Hinkie, Ainge is the real deal. Evil-minded, cold-hearted, asset collector, who will destroy other franchises in trade. I wish he was Detroit’s GM. Hopefully the Pistons never do a trade with him.