I don’t see it at all.

On the other hand, Bradley is up to a new expensive contract next year, is not a capable secondary playmaker and may have already peaked.

Boston could’ve easily passed Crowder’s great contract, but obviously would rather deal Bradley. Detroit gifted Boston another player in a great contract, a guy that will make up for the loss of Olynick’s production and that won’t be easily tossed around by LeBron. Knowing that, and knowing that everyone in the East is playing hard with Ainge, SVG settled for a second round pick. I wonder if he accepted protections in that second rounder.

If anything, he should have used KCP to demand a first round pick out of that. But of course Ainge would fool SVG in a trade. That’s like putting Shaq in the low post against Nash. SVG should not even try to make a trade with Boston.

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