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That sounds like “Clerks 2”. And since we’re in “let’s steal 90s indie-cinema fans money” mode, why not “An Even Bigger Lebowski” or “Another Pulp Fiction” or “Run Further, Lola” or “Fight Club Revisited” or (hopefully) “Not So Boogie Nights”? I would watch all of them.

“Boyle’s best movie is still his 1994 debut, Shallow Grave”.

I love people that defends Shallow Grave and Reservoir Dogs. Now let me tell you my perspective. I live in Brazil’s countryside, in a town of 4.000 people who never ever heard of Trainspotting in their lives. The Video Store there has a Trainspotting poster (along with Mia smoking in bed, Freddie Kruger, Charlie Chaplin, Indiana Jones, James Dean, Marilyn, Darth Vadder, Shrek, Godfather’s Puppetmaster Poster, Jack Nicholson’s crazy smile and Toy Story).

Shallow Grave, just as Reservoir Dogs, is a great movie that gets your attention, on a very coherent story. Trainspotting, just as Pulp Fiction, is a pop phenomenom. Sometimes we have to accept that Sgt Pepper is the Beatles’ best work, even if our tastes say it isn’t.