But every team acts a s if they’re all going to win a championship.
Dane Johnson

That’s a matter of taste, and it really depends on the brand of basketball the team plays to get close to 50 wins every year. I would love to cheer for the Monta Elis-Baron Davis-Stephen Jackson Warriors incarnation being crazy and gunning for the 8th seed. I hate the present incarnation of the Pistons, even as a Pistons fan, and would love for them to drop the “we’re so close” act and just try to sell Drummond and Jackson for the right price.

I can’t fault Boston fans by thinking this team should try to contend for a title right now instead of settling for the “good enough to compete for home court in the East”. They have the assets to make a good trade, have good and willing role players already on the roster.

But I guess having the first pick in the draft and trying to build a juggernaut while competing in an acceptable level will be fun anyway. The first pick will be a PG, and Isaiah will either accept the 6th man role or go to another team. He’ll get good options.

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