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That’s beautiful, insightful writing. It came among a lot of noisy, “modern”, what’s-dope-right-now, kind of dumb writing that exists in this very same site.

What I mean is: you can talk about the death of the music industry, movie industry, the NFL or whatever…if you are willing to make an effort (like reading every single piece in the Ringer until you’re able to determine wich guys you’re reading or not), you’ll find good entertainment everywhere.

It takes effort nowadays to get out of the noise. There’s a lot of horrible shit in the market, and it’s even getting good reviews sometimes. So it’s up to people that have interest in some kind of “high-quality” art to make the effort and keep it alive.

In the nineties — at least in Brazil — the problem was availability. It was very difficult to have access to movies, music…now the problem is having time to research and finding out what’s good among an universe of easily accessible things.