None of those players were MVP winners and all of them stated they were not going to resign with…
Charles Tyler

That’s why I said. Boston has to be patient. The Pelicans are likely to drive Davis insane. Just to be clear, Davis is the top prize in the NBA right now, and trading him would be sad for the Pelicans, no matter what.

Russ will win the MVP, and trading an MVP is a bad idea in terms of PR and pride. But if you’re taking only the talent into consideration, Westbrook is, right now, in the same situation that CP3 and D12 were when they were traded. No team that wanted to contend for titles when they were traded had a #1 pick in their hands, let alone the haul that the Celtics can offer (a #1, another potential top 3, a second team NBA guard in Thomas, good wings). You can convince the ownership and the fanbase this is the right move if you like what you see in Fultz. Westbrook won’t be unhappy with the situation he will land either(lots of space to work, while being the best player by miles, a guaranteed spot as a starter in the ASG, a title contender). It wouldn’t be a death blow for the Thunder. Durant leaving was the death blow.

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