The Rondo trade killed Mavericks basketball??????
Ryan Smith

The Mavs had a promising team before Rondo got there. First in offensive efficiency, if I remember well, feel-good story with monta Ellis coming back to life. Jae Crowder was promising, and not a 12th man. If you make it just Crowder for Rondo, Dallas actually gave a first round pick to get a player that was worst and more expensive. The Mavs have been in purgatory ever since, with no real way out. They actually just gave the max for a player who might not be better than Jae Crowder.

That was a horrible trade. And we used to get the same treatment for Rondo. Oh, Rondo is a true superstar, he played just as well as LeBron head-to-head, he’s a magician passer, he can play defense when he wants to, he’s better when the spotlight is on. Just close you eyes for the bad things.

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