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The thing about Ainge and the best GMs is they always act like they’re selling something valuable. Ainge was able to sell Pierce, Garnett and Rondo instead of rushing things trying to get rid of them. In the process he completely destroyed the buyers (the Nets are dead and the Mavs are in limbo because they did business with the Celtics).

Right now , he’s not shopping for impact players. He’s selling his draft picks. That’s the right approach. Butler is not as valuable as a top 3 pick.

Just look at Sacramento and see the opposite behaviour. It’s all rushed and they’re always begging the other franchises to accept their deals. You need to trade Cousins until the deadline, no matter the offer. You need to get Rondo and Bellinelli right now. They’re never getting fair value onde anything.

The lesson is: never do business with The Celtics, always do business with The Kings.

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