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This movie and The Professional (is this its name in English? The one with young Natalie Portman) used to go almost monthly in an open channel in Brazil. I’ve never seen them from beggining to end, but I saw a lot of spare parts. Idaho is beautifully shot and, like many Van Saint features, looks like a collection of paintings being put together to create movement. Almost every screen shot could be the cover. Like many of Gus' features as well it’s kind of confusing in style and has some faults in the story telling.

I used to watch it a lot because as a grunge kid I had to pay respect to River Phoenix as one of the “martyrs” of my generation. The thing that really stuck with me the last time I’ve watched it is how better Keanu’s acting is in this movie compared to Phoenix’s. It’s like comparing Eddie Vedder to Andrew Woods. One of the guys have a lot of potential and could be great while the other is already very good .