Why would OKC do this?
Charles Tyler

Why would they trade Harden after making it to the finals? It seems like they think a lot about the future.

My line of thinking would be: we don’t have a real path to the title, unless we luck out big time; we have big contractes that are difficult to trade out of and not really justifiable now that Durant is gone; Westbrook may be happy now, but as soon as he gets PAID, he will probably start complaining about the franchise not being competitive, as all of them do.

So, Ainge, if you give me Fultz, next year Nets pick, Isaiah Thomas’ expiring showmanship, Terry Rozier and Yabusele, I give you Westbrook and Steven Adams.

Then I’ll try to sell the rebuild with a stud (Fultz)and pray that I’m not fired before the next draft. If they fire me, please, Ainge, help land my next job.

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